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'Resources Hub'

This hub aims to provide a one-stop-shop as learning support for BSP students. It consolidates knowledge on the availability and use of data sets and analytical software to support BSP students with the expertise to engage critically with large data sets in a more efficient and effective manner. The hub will be updated on a regular basis.


Signpost students on where to find datasets and the appropriate software to use

Provide up-to-date news, books, and readings recommedation  for BSP students  

Outlining some of the BSP students work as inspirations

how you can use these resources for your project works ?



This page gives information on:

  • Sharing news, ideas, and inspirations related to planning 

  • Pointing you to large datasets and software for their analysis

  • Outlining current research at the Bartlett for your inspiration

  • Listing learning resources to teach yourself the skills necessary to engage with data

  • Providing space for you to share your own knowledge - use the forum or register your research here

Click on the boxes to be directed to the resources:

learning resources

academic resources

technical resources


If you have any general inquires or feedback for the resources hub, please use the contact form provided to reach out to us. 

The feedback form can also be used to share any relevant information that we can add to the resources hub. 

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