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Humans of BSP

Humans of BSP will highlight the hometowns and favourite cities of students from across the BSP, helping us to learn about new and interesting cities. If you wish to get involved, please send us a message!

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By Harry Zhao

xi'an, china

"Xi'an is one of China's most historical cities, the capital of thirteen several ruling dynasties"

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By Clement Siu

New York, usa

"I will never forget the moment I saw its skyline for the first time, through those greasy windows of a 1$ bus I took from Philadephia on a winter afternoon"

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By Yi Ling Law

Kuching, malaysia

"A combination of colonial architecture with historical landmarks, exquisitely carved temples and ole shophouses can be spotted with a stroll through the town centre"


By Marco Leonhardt


"The City's historical value is well reflected in its many temples dotted around the city, whilst being juxtaposed by the countless skyscrapers"

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By Jin Wen Kee

San francisco, USA

"Walking along the streets of San Francisco, you can observe the mix of histories and cultures along with view of the sea, clouds and hills in the distance"

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By Finlay Evans

melbourn, australia

" The iconic green trams and beach boxes symbolise the city's character and Melbournian's friendliness shines even on the coldest winter days"


By Liz Kuan


"Despite the excitements and casinos that you may experience in Macau, it remains as a serene city where you can relax your mind and body"


By Sunny Fung

Bath, England

"The development of the construction industry in the 18th century saw Bath become the dominant centre of British high life"

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